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Q. How does MAP work?

A. MAP (Master Affiliate Profits) was created to equip you with all the tools, training and resources needed to succeed as an affiliate. Everything in the MAP ecosystem is designed to reward you repeatedly from the leads you bring into the system.

Once you bring in a new member via your one link. You get paid for every single purchase they make from inside the MAP members' area. This includes third-party sites that we refer with your affiliate link. The more members you bring in, the more commissions you stand to earn.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. Payouts for commissions earned are made on the 15th of each month and are subject to a 30-day holding period to allow for refunds.

Your commissions earned and commissions due for the next payout cycle are shown in your ledger.

Payouts are made subject to the following criteria being met:

#1. You have completed KYC verification.
#2. You have completed the relevant tax forms.
#3. You have connected a payout account that matches your verification and tax details.
#4. You have a withdrawable balance of at least $50

Q. I'm a complete newbie. What are the benefits of upgrading?

A. When you upgrade to platinum you will receive free traffic from John & Omars extensive traffic networks, meaning you can get a lot more traffic to your MAP link without lifting a finger.

Plus, you can generate up to 3 times more commissions and even receive 2 tier commissions. This means you get paid when your referrals generate sales.

Then, add the backstage pass and additional training material, and you have everything you need to run a highly successful online business.

Q. How does my one link work?

A. The one link is designed to keep things simple, no more digging around for your affiliate link or choosing what offer to promote. Your one link is the only link you need to generate unlimited commissions from the MAP ecosystem.

Q. Do you provide promotional materials?

A. Yes, we provide all of the tools and promotional materials you need to promote your one link. They can all be found by navigating to the training pages from the left menu of the MAP site.

Q. Where can I find out how much commission I can earn?

A. Visit the MAP home page to check your commission levels and a host of other stats. Remember, the higher level of membership you have, the more commissions you can earn.

Q. How do I earn commissions?

A. You get paid for every single purchase your members make from the MAP members area. This includes third-party sites that we refer with your affiliate link.

Q. How important is it to build a list?

A. Building a mailing list is the single most important thing you need to be doing to build an online business. MAP makes building a list easy and effective.

Q. Who are the creators of MAP?

A. Omar & Melinda Martin teamed up with John Thornhill and his son Alex to create MAP, they have a combined 30+ years of experience in the IM space and have helped their clients generate tens of millions of dollars online.

Q. How do I apply for 1 on 1 coaching from the MAP creators?

A. If you want to take things to the next level then check out the VIP section to find out if you are suitable for 1 on 1 coaching.

Q. Can I track my traffic sources?

A. Yes, you can create as many tracking links as you wish to test all of your traffic sources.

Q. How much free traffic will I receive from the MAP system?

A. All Platinum members will receive free traffic via John & Omars extensive traffic networks and they aim to send thousands of clicks per month. This will be delivered on a rotation basis to all Platinum members. 

Q. What is the long-term goal for the MAP program?

A. The long-term goal for MAP is to empower every single member with the tools and knowledge required to become a super affiliate. We will be constantly adding new training and materials to ensure that every single MAP member has the most up-to-date material possible.

Q. What are the benefits of upgrading?

A. We have different levels in MAP, from free right up to Platinum. The higher your membership level, the more commissions and training you will receive. For more details on the benefits of upgrading check out the upgrades page.

Q. Is ongoing training provided?

A. Yes, ongoing training, including live training, will be provided for all members.

Q. I don't currently have an autoresponder. What do you recommend?

A. While we currently have over 10 different autoresponders you can connect to your MAP account, if you are just starting out, we recommend Aweber for its ease of use and reliability.

Q. Why should I attend the live training?

A. Attending the live training we provide means you can get your questions answered in real-time. Plus it's been proven that people who show up for live training have more success than people who don't.

Q. How do 2nd tier commissions work for Platinum members?

A. 2nd tier commissions pay you when members you refer make a sale.

EG. If you refer Bob, then Bob refers Sue, you would get paid a percentage from the profits of all of the sales Bob made to Sue.

Q. Why do I need to verify my identity?

A. We want to protect all MAP members from possible fraudulent activity. Therefore all members will need to verify their identity before any commissions are paid. This is common practice in our industry and only takes a few minutes to do.

Q. Who qualifies for a VIP onboarding call?

A. All Gold and Platinum members qualify for a VIP onboarding call to help get personalised help with the MAP program.

Q. I am not very technical. Will MAP work for me?

A. Yes, MAP is designed to be easy to get up and running in as little as 10 minutes. Regardless of experience.

Q. Can I pay for traffic to send to my one link?

A. Yes, we have a paid traffic service so you can start getting traffic to your one link in record time. Head to the "Get Clicks" page from the left menu of the site to get started.

Q. How will joining the Facebook group benefit me?

A. Joining the Facebook group will mean you are in an environment with like-minded individuals who all want to succeed. It's also a great resource to get even more help and support.

Q. What does hard coding mean and how does it work?

A. Hard coding 'tags' any members you bring into MAP under you. This means that even if they clear cookies or use a different machine to make a purchase in the future you will be paid commissions from that sale.

Q. I'm an experienced marketer. Can this work for me?

A. Already making six figures per year? MAP with a platinum upgrade can help you double it.

If you upgrade to the platinum level, you can generate up to 3 times more commissions and receive 2nd tier commissions, so if you have an existing audience, the upgrade should be a no-brainer for you.

Q. How long does it take to get upgraded after payment?

A. You will be upgraded instantly and have access to the extra training and enhanced commissions related to your upgrade level.

Q. I am having problems ordering, can I get immediate help?

A. If you have any issues placing your order, please submit a ticket to contact us and let us know what the issue is. Please be very specific and if possible, provide us with a screenshot and/or video of what the issue is that you are experiencing.

Q. Can I really succeed with MAP?

A. Absolutely, but you need to treat this like a business and stay focussed. The truth is most people jump from one opportunity to another and never get anywhere. John & Omar have put over 30 years worth of combined online experience into MAP, and if you follow their training and implement their traffic methods then it is inevitable that you will succeed.

Remember, with MAP you will be earning commissions while building your mailing list at the same time. This is what makes the MAP ecosystem stand out from every other program out there.

Q. I invested in some Solo Ads and didn't make any sales. Why was that?

A. One thing you must understand is results cannot be guaranteed. However if you did invest in some Solo Ads and have referrals then we will be following up with them to encourage them to upgrade and eventually you can expect to see sales. (But we can't guarantee it) So if it's only been a day or two please be patient as there is a long way to go. Also, focus on keeping the leads coming in as more leads you bring in the more leads you will have going through the MAP sequence.

Q. I don't want to pay for traffic, what's the best way to get started?

A. John & Omar have offered some of their best free traffic generation methods that could easily sell for $997 or more. This training is available for all members and it is advised that you go through all of the material, take lots of notes, then start with one or two methods that resonate with you. If you haven't checked out our Traffic Jumpstart traffic training you should also check that out.

Finally, be sure to check out the orientation webinar as that will help you get the most from MAP and show you how you can treble your commissions.

Knowledgebase Articles

Affiliate Marketing vs. MLM

Article ID: KB-4018
Category: Referrals and Commissions
Last Updated: 2024-03-26


In the diverse landscape of online business models, confusion often arises between Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and affiliate marketing. Both avenues offer opportunities to earn income, but they operate under fundamentally different structures and legal frameworks. It's crucial to distinguish between the two, especially in light of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines, to dispel any misconceptions about Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) and its operation as a digital affiliate marketing training course.

What Constitutes an MLM?

According to the FTC, MLMs involve a strategy where individuals are compensated not only for sales they personally generate but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. A legitimate MLM plan allows you to earn money through the direct sale of products to consumers as well as by building a team.

The Legal vs. Illegal: MLM and Pyramid Schemes

The line between a legal MLM business and an illegal pyramid scheme is thin but significant. Pyramid schemes are illegal and focus primarily on generating profit from the recruitment of new members rather than from the sale of actual products or services to consumers. The FTC has been clear that a program where the money from the recruits supports the payouts, or where significant earnings are promised from recruitment alone, is indicative of a pyramid scheme.

Affiliate Marketing: A Different Approach

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a business model where affiliates earn commissions by promoting a company’s products or services. Unlike MLMs, affiliate marketing does not involve recruitment of additional tiers of marketers under a single affiliate. Each affiliate acts independently, earning commissions solely based on their direct sales or referrals. There is no downline or hierarchy of affiliates.

MAP: Clearly Defined

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) embodies the essence of affiliate marketing. It provides comprehensive digital training aimed at equipping individuals with the skills to succeed in affiliate marketing. MAP offers an extensive learning platform for FREE, without requiring membership fees for access to affiliate opportunities. MAP contains over 45 additional, more advanced courses available to all members for purchaase.

MAP differentiates itself by offering second-tier commissions, which are derived from the company’s profits, not the recruitment of a downline. This system rewards affiliates for encouraging their customers to also become affiliates, fostering a collaborative rather than competitive environment. Affiliates are only paid on ONE LEVEL other than their own which is why its called a second tier and not a multi tier. There is no downline or team to be built inside of MAP. Affiliates are paid on sales made by them directly and may be paid on a second tier for sale made by their customers. The buck stops there. 

Legal Standing

MAP operates within the legal framework defined by the FTC for affiliate marketing. There are no elements of a downline, nor are there required purchases to join, distinguishing it from the MLM model. The structure of MAP's affiliate program—paying commissions on direct sales and additional rewards for expanding the affiliate network—stays clear of pyramid scheme characteristics by focusing on product sales and transparent commission structures.


The distinction between MLM and affiliate marketing is significant, both in operation and legal standing. MAP stands firmly in the realm of affiliate marketing, providing educational resources and earning opportunities based on sales and legitimate marketing efforts. As participants or observers of MAP, it’s essential to recognize these distinctions, ensuring clear communication and understanding of what MAP offers within the legal and ethical boundaries set by entities like the FTC.

For those interested in exploring the boundaries of MLMs, pyramid schemes, and affiliate marketing further, the FTC provides extensive resources and guidelines at FTC's official website.

By clarifying these differences, we aim to educate and reassure our users and potential affiliates about MAP’s commitment to legal, ethical, and effective affiliate marketing training and opportunities.

Understanding Referral Assignments in MAP

Article ID: KB-3021
Category: Referrals and Commissions
Last Updated: 2024-03-14


At Master Affiliate Profits (MAP), we've noticed recurring inquiries about changing the assigned referring affiliate after a member has joined. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to MAP's policy on referral assignments and commission allocations. Our goal is to ensure transparency and maintain the integrity of our affiliate marketing system.

MAP's Stance on Changing Referring Affiliates

MAP operates under a strict policy regarding the assignment of referring affiliates. Once a sale is made and a commission is attributed, the process is final. The affiliate marketing model, which MAP adheres to, is based on direct referrals, not the reassignment of members post-purchase.

Key Points to Understand:

  • Immutable Commissions: Removing someone's commission to assign it to another affiliate, for any reason, contradicts the principles of affiliate marketing and ethical business practices. MAP does not support changing a member's referrer due to requests for a different bonus, an oversight at checkout, or personal preference.
  • Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing: Unlike network marketing, where sponsors may reposition members, affiliate marketing rewards direct referrals. This ensures fairness and rewards affiliates for their promotional efforts.

The Role of Cookies and Click Rotators

Cookies play a crucial role in affiliate marketing, tracking and attributing sales to the correct affiliate. MAP enhances this with our unique click rotator system for Platinum members.

  • Platinum Member Benefits: Platinum members receive automatically assigned "uncookied" clicks, which can lead to sales and commissions without direct action from the affiliate. This system is designed to reward active members and ensure fair distribution of opportunities.
  • How Cookies Work: When an affiliate link is clicked, a cookie storing the referrer's ID is placed on the visitor's device. This cookie is essential for commission assignments. In cases where a purchase originates from an uncookied click, traditional models might retain the profit. However, MAP assigns these to the next member in the rotation, emphasizing our commitment to member success.

Customer Responsibility and Referrer Visibility

The checkout page prominently displays the referrer's name to ensure transparency. Customers bear the responsibility of verifying their intended referrer before completing a purchase.

  • Ensuring the Correct Referrer: If a customer wishes to be referred by a specific affiliate, it is incumbent upon them to check the displayed referrer. Customers can clear their browser's cookies to reset the referrer if necessary.
  • Life-Long Assignments: Once assigned, a customer is permanently coded to the referring affiliate. This principle underpins the MAP ecosystem, distinguishing our model from practices that prioritize platform profit over affiliate success.

MAP's Commitment

MAP is dedicated to providing a platform where affiliates can thrive, offering unparalleled training and tools for success. Our system is designed not only to facilitate affiliate earnings but also to support the growth of your subscriber list, integrating seamlessly with autoresponder services for comprehensive lead management.


Changing a member's referring affiliate post-purchase contradicts the foundational principles of MAP and the affiliate marketing model. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to these guidelines, which ensure fairness and the collective success of our community. MAP stands by its mission to support your journey to becoming a super affiliate, equipped with the best tools and knowledge in the industry.

For further questions or support, please contact our dedicated team through the MAP Support Desk.

The Mechanics and Function Of Second Tier Commissions

Article ID: KB-1024
Category: Referrals and Commissions

Last Updated: 2024-03-14

MAP is a great product because of its training. The clarity and depth of affiliate marketing training inside of MAP is unparalleled in the industry. The MAP training modules could be sold for a high ticket price alone. This cutting edge training can help even a newbie launch their own affiliate marketing business promoting any digital product in today's modern marketplace. But in addition to the core MAP affiliate training there are over 45 specialty courses that dive even deeper into specific marketing tactics enabling users to fine tune any affiliate marketing skill they want.

One of the cool things about MAP is that members can also choose to promote the course themselves as affiliates. When a member uses their "MAP One Link" to promote MAP as an affiliate they can earn a commission based on their membership level. Free members get a small 25% commission on their referrals. Silver members earn a juicy 40% commissions and Gold members earn a whopping 50% commissions on every sale they refer. The smartest MAP members upgrade to the Platinum level because they receive an abundance of training and tools but also because platinum MAP members get a mind boggling 75% commission on every sale they refer!

Platinum is clearly the most profitable level to be part of if you plan on promoting MAP as an affiliate but it gets even better than 75% commission, you see platinum members also get a whopping 25% commission on what we call "Second Tier" sales! This means that if a member you referred makes a sale you will receive 25% of the profits on THAT sale as well!

Let me break that down so that you understand exactly how much money that is and where the money comes from. 2nd tier commissions come from the PROFIT made on a sale after the original commissions.

For example.... Alice is a Platinum member and she emails her subscribers and gets Betty to buy a Platinum membership through her MAP One Link for $797. That's awesome! Alice has just earned a 75% commission.

The first thing that comes out of that $797 transaction are the fees, Paypal or Stripe are 2.9% or 2.29% respectively and the AIMPay processing fee is 3% this means there is approximately $749.18 to divide for commissions.

75% of $749.18 is $561.89 so that is Alice's commision on the sale. The difference of $187.29 is the PROFIT on the sale.

Now lets say that Betty ALSO has an email list and decides to promote MAP to her subscribers. Betty gets Charlie to join through her MAP One Link. Now it is Betty that makes the 75% Platinum commission of $561.89 and Alice is due a 25% "Second Tier" commission from the profit of $187.29 which amounts to $46.82.

Charlie joined under Betty, so Betty earned $561.89 from Charlie's payment. Betty joined under Alice so Alice earned $46.82 from Charlie's payment. That's the way that second tier commissions work and the amounts will vary slightly depending on whether the customer used PayPal or Stripe at checkout.

Processing fees come off the top of the sale amount first. Then the primary affiliate commission gets deducted, what's left after that is called profit. Second tier commissions are a percentage of the profit made on the sale. There can never be a scenario where commissions and fees amount to more than the original sale amount.

Understanding Your Click Stats in MAP

Article ID: KB-0679
Category: Marketing
Last Updated: 2024-03-26

We pride ourselves on a transparent, sophisticated system that not only converts but also ensures security and accuracy for our affiliates. Below is a detailed explanation of each column you'll find in your Click Stats table on your link setting page, aiming to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your business activities within MAP.

Click At:
This column registers the date and time of a visit to your MAP One Link, marking the event when you, the affiliate, were credited with the visit. The "event" signifies a prospective lead's engagement with your link, and its specifics are further detailed in the "Status" column.

The "Source" column identifies how you became the credited affiliate for the visit. There are two primary methods:

  • One Link: The visitor directly clicked on your MAP One Link.
  • Rotator: The visitor was assigned to you via our rotation algorithm, designed to fairly distribute incoming traffic among affiliates.

IP Address:
Here, the originating internet address (IPV4 or IPV6) of the visit is recorded. This information serves multiple purposes, including tracking, security, and validating the uniqueness of each visit to prevent fraudulent activities.

The "Status" column reveals the outcome of the visit, with three potential scenarios:

  • Abandoned: The visitor left the page without initiating the signup process.
  • Partial: The visitor began the signup process but did not complete it, leaving us without a means of further communication.
  • Joined: The visitor successfully completed the signup process, providing us with a verified email address for ongoing communication.

Tracking ID:
If used, a tracking ID will appear in this column. It's an optional suffix added to your One Link, allowing for detailed analysis and segmentation of your traffic sources.

The Signup and Tracking Process: Our system is engineered to capture leads diligently, guiding them through the signup and purchase phases efficiently. Here's what makes MAP uniquely beneficial for our affiliates:

  • High Conversion Rates: MAP's system is designed to maximize lead conversion through a seamless user experience.
  • Security and Accuracy: We invest heavily in ensuring that our tracking process is both secure against external threats and accurate in attributing sales to the correct affiliate.
  • Transparency: Affiliates have clear visibility into their click stats, providing an accurate overview of their promotional efforts' effectiveness.
  • Phase Three Changes: The Squeeze Page Funnel
  • As we transition into Phase Three, affiliates will experience enhancements to the signup process, notably the introduction of the squeeze page funnel. This advancement aims to optimize lead generation, making it even easier for affiliates to grow their subscriber lists. The squeeze page will serve as the initial point of contact for prospective leads, designed to maximize conversions with its high-converting layout and persuasive copy.

In Conclusion: Understanding the click stats and the intricacies of the signup and tracking process is crucial for maximizing your success within MAP. Our commitment to transparency, security, and efficiency is designed to empower you, the affiliate, with every tool you need to thrive in today's competitive affiliate marketing landscape. As we move forward, especially into Phase Three, anticipate even greater opportunities to build your subscriber list and drive your affiliate marketing business to new heights.

For any further clarification or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Here's to your continued success with MAP!

How to Become a Super Affiliate with MAP

Article ID: KB-0346
Category: Marketing
Last Updated: 2024-03-26


Becoming a super affiliate may seem like a daunting journey, but with the right tools and strategies, it's entirely achievable. The Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) system is designed to catapult you into the realm of super affiliates by offering a unique blend of training, tools, and opportunities unlike any other platform. Here’s how MAP makes the path to becoming a super affiliate not only possible but also profitable.

The Cornerstone of Success: Building Your Mailing List

The single most crucial step in becoming a super affiliate is building a mailing list. Your mailing list is your direct line to your audience, allowing you to build relationships, establish trust, and, most importantly, promote products that offer value to your subscribers. Here's why MAP stands out as the ultimate list-building system:

Earn While You Build: 

MAP is designed to help you earn money as you build your list. Each member you refer to MAP will be presented with opportunities to upgrade their membership and purchase additional products. With each transaction, you earn a commission based on your membership level. This unique feature ensures that you're not just growing your list; you're also increasing your earnings simultaneously.

Automated Marketing on Your Behalf: 

One of the standout features of MAP is its ability to automate much of the marketing process for you. The system will mail your referrals, promoting upgrades and new products, ensuring that your potential earnings are maximized. This automation frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, like creating valuable content and engaging with your audience.

Integration with Autoresponders: 

To truly own your list and have complete control over your communications, MAP allows you to connect various autoresponders. This means that from day one, you can start building your list outside of the MAP ecosystem, giving you the ability to reach your audience directly and on your terms. Integration is seamless and supports a range of popular autoresponders, ensuring that you can work with the tools you're already familiar with.

Why Having Your Own Mailing List is Crucial

Owning your mailing list is about more than just having a database of email addresses. It's about cultivating an audience that trusts your recommendations and sees you as a go-to resource in your niche. Here's why having your own list is vital:

  • Personal Connection: Your mailing list allows for personalized communication, helping you to build stronger relationships with your subscribers.
  • Direct Promotion: You can directly promote products and offers that you believe in, without relying on third-party platforms.
  • Long-term Asset: Your list is a long-term asset that grows in value over time, providing a source of consistent revenue.

Becoming a Super Affiliate with MAP

MAP provides the foundation, tools, and training you need to become a super affiliate. By leveraging the power of list building, combined with MAP's automated marketing and commission structure, you're well on your way to achieving super affiliate status. Remember, the key to success is engaging with your list genuinely and offering value at every turn. With MAP, you're not just building a list; you're building a future as a super affiliate.

Maximizing Your MAP One Link: Strategies for Effective Traffic Generation

Article ID: KB-0124
Category: Driving Traffic
Last Updated: 2024-03-26


A pivotal element to your success within MAP is understanding how to effectively use your MAP One Link to drive traffic that converts into sales. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the recommended methods for promoting your link, the importance of choosing the right traffic strategies, and the necessity of adhering to our affiliate agreement's guidelines.

Understanding Your MAP One Link

Your MAP One Link is your gateway to earning commissions. It's a unique URL assigned to you, directing potential customers to the MAP ecosystem. When someone signs up or makes a purchase through your link, you're credited with the referral, earning commissions based on your membership level.

Recommended Traffic Methods

MAP provides extensive training on traffic generation methods that are both effective and compliant with our platform's guidelines. Here are some of the strategies we recommend: 

  • List Building: The lifeblood of any online business, including affiliate marketing. Use your MAP One Link in lead magnets to grow your email list, then engage and nurture these leads towards MAP membership or product purchases.
  • Email Marketing: A direct line to your audience. Utilize the email swipes and templates provided in MAP to craft compelling campaigns that highlight the benefits of joining MAP through your link.
  • Video Marketing: Create informative and engaging videos that explain the advantages of MAP, embedding your MAP One Link in the video description or within the content itself where possible.
  • Creating Bonuses: Enhance the attractiveness of joining MAP through your link by offering exclusive bonuses. Develop valuable bonus content that complements the MAP membership, encouraging sign-ups.
  • Social Media: Leverage your presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share content related to MAP, inserting your link in posts, bios, or comments as allowed.
  • Ad Marketing: Utilize targeted advertising campaigns on social media or search engines, carefully crafting ads that lead potential members to MAP via your One Link. Ensure your ads comply with both the advertising platform's policies and MAP's guidelines.
  • Banners and Graphics: Employ the professionally designed banners and graphics available within MAP to attract visual attention to your campaigns, driving traffic to your link on websites, blogs, or social media.
  • Blogging: A powerful tool for establishing authority and driving traffic. Publish informative blog posts related to affiliate marketing or the benefits of MAP, incorporating your One Link for readers to explore further.

Focusing Your Efforts

If you're new to affiliate marketing, it's crucial to concentrate your efforts on one or two traffic generation methods that resonate with you. Spreading yourself too thin across multiple strategies can dilute your effectiveness. As you gain more experience and confidence, you can explore additional methods to expand your reach.

Consistency is Key

Generating consistent traffic requires daily effort. Dedicate time each day to your chosen traffic methods, refining your approach based on performance and feedback. Consistency will lead to a steady stream of clicks and, ultimately, sales.

Adhering to Guidelines

While we encourage creativity in promoting your MAP One Link, it's essential to do so within the framework of our affiliate agreement. Certain activities are not permitted and can result in consequences, including suspension or termination of your account. Please familiarize yourself with the Prohibited Activities section of our affiliate agreement available on the legal page. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming, misrepresenting MAP, or engaging in misleading marketing practices.


Success with MAP is within your reach, provided you utilize your MAP One Link effectively, choose traffic generation methods that suit your skills and preferences, and adhere to our platform's guidelines. We're committed to providing you with the training and resources needed to succeed. Remember, your persistence and adherence to best practices will pave the way to becoming a successful MAP affiliate.

For further guidance, don't hesitate to explore the extensive training available in the MAP members' area or consider personal one on one coaching from John Thornhill and Omar Martin which is available only to those that upgrade to the  MAP VIP level. Let's embark on this journey to affiliate marketing success together.

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