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MAP Is An Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem
Where Affiliate Marketing Meets Unprecedented Innovation! 

Imagine stepping into a world where every aspect of affiliate marketing is redefined for peak performance and profitability. That's MAP - a groundbreaking platform designed not just to keep up with the evolving digital landscape, but to lead it.

MAP stands for Master Affiliate Profits, An Affiliate Marketing Membership Site of Innovation, Efficiency, and Success

The membership site contains free training designed to turn every user into a super affiliate with straightforward lessons and tools. There are also ample affiliate marketing information products available for purchase so that users can take their affiliate skills to the next level.

Members get paid generous commissions for referring other customers and they are hard coded for life! You get paid on every purchase made by anyone you refer FOR LIFE. There are even second tier commissions as well!

The best part of MAP is that membership includes TRAFFIC. We distribute our own clicks to the users!

Here's Why People Are Raving About MAP! 

Revolutionary Tools at Your Fingertips: MAP equips users with cutting-edge tools and features, each meticulously crafted to maximize your reach, engagement, and earnings. From advanced tracking systems to intuitive dashboards, MAP transforms how you navigate the affiliate marketing space.
Tailored Strategies for Every Marketer: Whether you're a seasoned affiliate guru or just starting out, MAP's custom-designed strategies and resources cater to your unique needs, ensuring your path to success is not just clear, but also enjoyable and highly rewarding.
A Community of Trailblazers: An elite community of forward-thinking marketers. Share insights, strategies, and successes with peers who are as driven and passionate about affiliate marketing as you are.
Unmatched Training and Support: At MAP, we believe in empowering our members. Users can dive into a wealth of exclusive training materials, tutorials, and support from industry experts, all dedicated to helping you excel.
Internal Systems for Transparency and Ease: Say goodbye to third-party dependencies. MAP's in-house affiliate tracking and payment processing system offers unparalleled transparency, reliability, and ease, giving you peace of mind and more control over your earnings. Users keep their leads, and keep their commissions. We never compete with our members. Period.
Dynamic Content and Regular Updates: The digital marketing world never stands still, and neither does MAP. Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates, fresh content, and strategies that align with the latest market trends.

Here's Why People Are Raving About MAP! 

We’re rolling out MAP in three phases. As we stand on the brink of Phase 2 of Master Affiliate Profits (MAP), we invite you to join us in a groundbreaking venture that's reshaping the landscape of affiliate marketing. This isn't a pitch... it’s a partnership invitation to a journey poised to redefine success in the digital world.

MAP is the affiliate ecosystem of tomorrow. It's a vision brought to life by and for marketers who crave innovation and efficacy in their tools and strategies. Born from the challenges and limitations of traditional affiliate marketing, MAP is our answer to a changing digital landscape.

The MAP Journey So Far:

Phase One: Exclusive to our subscribers, we welcomed 200 backers to lay the foundation of MAP. Their insights and enthusiasm have been pivotal in sculpting a platform that’s tailored for success. Backers will have lifetime platinum access to the MAP members area and all content plus they get 75% commissions on all referalls!

Phase Two: In late January, we’ll be opening our doors to these backers, granting them access to a suite of cutting-edge tools and features designed to turbocharge their affiliate efforts. For thirty days, backers will then be able to recruit more backers and earn 75% ($597.75) commissions on each referall they make during phase two!

Phase Three: This is where you come in. As we gear up for a public launch, we’re inviting our affiliate family to be the vanguard, promoting MAP and sharing in the success of a platform that’s set to become a staple in the affiliate marketing world. Phase three is when we open up the doors to the world and they can join any of MAPs four levels Free, Silver, Gold or Platinum. These levels pay you recurring commissions month after month!

The Funnel & Commissions 

MAP’s funnel is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of digital marketing needs, offering multiple levels of membership. Each level is crafted to provide increasing value and resources to members, encouraging upgrades and retention. Each level offers a new bump in commissions for referalls as well!

FREE Level: The entry point into the MAP ecosystem, offering essential tools and resources for budding affiliate marketers. Free members recieve 25% commissions on
Silver Level: ($37 monthly or $297 yearly) A step up, providing advanced features and training for those looking to escalate their affiliate marketing efforts. Silver members also get. Commission bump to 40% on all MAP level purchases!
Gold Level: ($67 monthly or $597 yearly) A more advanced level with access to additional tools, training, live weekly coaching and even list building software. This level also earns 50% commissions on all MAP level sales.
Platinum Level: ($97 monthly or $797 yearly) The premium tier offering the ultimate MAP experience with exclusive tools, top-tier training, and priority support. 75% commissions on MAP level sales plus 25% commissions on second teir sales!

Your Earning Potential as a JV Partner is HUGE based on levels and also one off purchases that your referals make inside the ecosystem. You get paid on every single purchase made on our sustem by your referals for LIFE. Nobody in our industry has such an agreessive affiliate compensation plan!

Why Promote MAP? 

MAP is a membership site loaded with innovative tools & features that your customers will love, from advanced tracking and analytics to intuitive dashboards and a dynamic content library.

MAP has a custom built, state of the art, internal affiliate tracking system called AIM PAY. Our unique affiliate tracking and payment system ensures transparency, reliability, and ease – designed to maximize your earnings and simplify your workflow.

We never take the leads you refer. We never compete with you. We never take your commissions on any sales you make or sales made by your referalls. We never send and daily deal emails to your leads. In short, you keep your leads, you keep you commissions, and we even give you our own traffic to ensure you get some clicks to your affiuliate link!

Affiliates also get the opportunity to access to exclusive training materials and high-value content, including live weekly coaching to enhance their own marketing skills while promoting MAP.

We want you to join us in promoting Phase 3 which is slated for late February 2024.  You'll be able to create a free MAP acount and access your affiliate link and tools right inside the members area.

We want you, our trusted affiliates, to have the first crack at promoting a platform that’s set to revolutionize the industry. We are still in development mode and putting the finishing touches on our affiliate masterpiece! As soon as the members f area is ready we'll email you access details. 

If you are interested in tapping into the full potential of MAP we ask that you join our JV list below to get first crack at the opportunity to promote and make huge commissions! We'll shoot over the details as soon as we can give you access to the site.

This is the biggest thing we've ever done and it will be an industry gamechanger and we invite you to come along for the ride. Together, we're not Just Changing the Game; We're Creating a New One

At MAP, we believe in partnerships, not pitches. We’re not just offering you a product to promote; we’re inviting you to be a key player in a movement that will set new benchmarks in affiliate marketing.

We’d love to have you on board as we launch into Phase 3. Your role as an affiliate partner is more than just promotion; it’s about being part of something that’s changing the face of affiliate marketing.

Join us as we embark on Phase 3, and let’s make history together. By the way...  You can learn more about MAP and even see the weekly progress updates as we build the platform on THIS PAGE.

John, Omar & Melinda

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